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Code Snippet – proprpc

May 26, 2011 1 comment

Anyone who has played around with WPF or Silverlight for while will have come across the INotifyPropertyChanged interface and the RaisePropertyChanged method.

In an earlier post I highlighted one possible solution, though the use of an extension method, for calling the RaisePropertyChanged method without having to use “magic strings”.

I now use this extensively in my day to day WPF work, however I still sometimes forget to include the RaisePropertyChanged call in the property setter which then takes some time to debug.

In order to avoid this I’ve finally created a code snippet that will insert a field backed property that also calls RaisePropertyChanged.

The snippet is called ‘proprpc‘ so that it is line with the other property snippets of ‘prop‘, ‘propdp‘, ‘propfull‘, etc.

Download links are given below for the .snippet file (including a zipped version) and a Visual Studio Installer file.